Fast customization

Concrete Crack Detection

Inspects: Tunnel segments

The market leader relies on our software in its premium tunnel boring machines to perform the final quality inspection of tunnel segments underground.

Four cameras capture images from each side of the concrete segment. Our machine learning model recognizes the segment in each image and our software calculates its position in 3D space. This enables us to extract each side separately and check it for damage or missing parts.

Defect Detection & Height Control

Inspects: Small Concrete Products

Our customer provides quality control systems for manufacturers of smaller concrete products.

To fulfill the additional requirement of height control, a 3D laser profile sensor is used to measure the height. Our software additionally detects defects such as cracks and spalling from the obtained height information.

Surface Flatness Inspection

Inspects: Precast Concrete Elements (wet side)

In one of the world’s most modern precast concrete production facilities in Switzerland, a robot smoothes the surface of the fresh concrete.

Our system is used to capture images with two 2D cameras and inspect the surface for holes or uneven areas.

Digitization of the Measurement Process

Inspects: Railway Sleepers

This use case benefits from a combination of line scan cameras and 3D cameras to meet the high quality requirements in the production of railway sleepers.

Critical points of the product are the areas of the rail supports where sub-millimeter accuracy is required.