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We are problem-solvers, AI specialists, and customer service enthusiasts. We believe in our holistic approach to provide our customer a turn-key visual quality inspection solution. We found this company to become long-time partner of our customers, we want to develop, grow and stay with them for the next 25 years.

LUCAS STEINMANNCo-Founder & Technical Lead
JONAS FEHRENBACHCo-Founder & Operational Lead
DAVID FEHRENBACHCo-Founder & Business Lead
PATRICK LAUERBusiness Development
SAADSoftware Development
LUKASResearch & Labelling

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You are a hacker in your studies and would like to apply your skills in a small team? Then you are right with us!

Using various recently developed anomaly detection methods, visible damages should be detected as anomalous regions in images.

Example literature:

  • Improving Unsupervised Defect Segmentation by Applying Structural Similarity To Autoencoders (Bergmann et al. 2019)

A popular approach to concrete damage detection is semantic segmentation by convolutional neural networks. Existing state-of-the-art techniques should be compared and advanced.

Example literature:

  • Machine Learning for Crack Detection: Review and Model Performance Comparison (Hsieh et al. 2020)