Is it possible to automate my visual control task?

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Is your task currently performed by humans?

What kind of object do you want to control?

How large are your objects?

e.g. very small <1 x 1 x 1 cm --> very big 5 x 5 x 5 meter

Are there many variations of your object?

e.g. very few (1) --> a lot (>100)

What kind of defects /conditions / anomalies do you want to control for?

e.g. object existent, cracks, spallings, dirt, errors in assembly, colors, spray pattern, text, ID or logo, blowholes...

Tell us how you plan to integrate the system?

e.g. are objects moving? Can they be stopped for a control? Is there a possibility to integrate cameras? Do you produce in bundles? Are they sorted/unsorted?

How much time is available for the control in this process?

e.g. a lot (1 object per minute) --> very few (10 objects per second)

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