Christian Nauck

Christian Nauck works as a Software Engineer at preML, guided by a passion for applying machine learning to create sustainable solutions.

Over 130 companies presented their progress in projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in Berlin. I presented our research project “KI4PRECAST” at the poster session. Below is a recap of the event and, of course, an update from the project.

Image 1: Impressions from the SME Conference 2023 (c) preML GmbH

The event

This year’s SME conference was all about the innovative strength of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are seen as the key drivers for new fields of research and the rapid development of markets. Experts, entrepreneurs and researchers gathered under the motto “Innovation in a hurry” to discuss the role of SMEs in turning key technologies into marketable products and services. After the SME conference did not take place for several years due to the pandemic, this year’s event was particularly large because many organizations from previous years were also represented.

The flexibility and speed of SMEs was emphasized, especially when it comes to getting involved in new areas of research. The need for SMEs to be strong in research was emphasized in order to meet the challenges of the times. In the midst of technological leaps, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence, fundamental questions were addressed on how to achieve even better success.

One of the central discussions focused on the digital solutions developed through SME cooperation projects. Companies proudly presented their innovative approaches and technologies that not only enable efficient business processes, but also contribute to pressing global issues such as digitalization, climate protection and sustainability. From intelligent production facilities to resource-saving technologies – the range of projects presented illustrated the enormous potential of SMEs.

Another focus was on the question of how cooperation and the transfer of knowledge and technologies between companies and research institutions can be improved. The conference provided a platform for lively discussions and the exchange of best practices. In particular, models for faster and more efficient collaboration were presented in order to accelerate the innovation cycle.

Our Research Project KI4PRECAST

The KI4PRECAST research project is being carried out jointly with the  Institut IMB / MPA / CMM Karlsruhe   at KIT. The core topic is how AI can be used to optimize the production of precast concrete elements in order to make production greener, cheaper and better.

All information about the research project can also be found on our website:

An insight into the current status of the R&D project was summarized on the following poster:

Figure 2: Information poster which was exhibited at the 2023 co-test stand conference


Overall, the SME Conference 2023 was an inspiring meeting place for visionaries who are committed to the goal of strengthening SMEs as a key player in innovation and progress. The projects and discussions presented not only provided insights into the diversity of current developments, but also encouraged people to continue looking boldly and creatively into the future.

We look forward to publishing more results from the project soon!


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Christian Nauck

Christian Nauck works as a Software Engineer at preML, guided by a passion for applying machine learning to create sustainable solutions.